Spice Girls is a famous music group coming back very soon to add spice to people’s lives.

48-year-old Mel B discussed the musical group’s upcoming plan in an interview with Today with Hoda & Jenna on 8th January 2024.

She said that fans can expect good news from their band in the future. She said this while talking to Hoda Kotb. The real name of Mel B is Melanie Janine Brown. She is a famous singer and actress.

Mel B Reveals Plans for Spice Girls’ Comeback

Mel B said that she has been saying this for a long time but in reality, in a few weeks, fans will get very good news from the group of the five singers.

She said that,

“It is very difficult to reunite all the members of the Spice Girls and start working again because we all have different time schedules and we all have kids at home.”

She said that the upcoming plan of Spice Girls would completely satisfy the audience and make fans happy.

Mel B has sung the famous song “Wannabe”. 

Mel B Talks About the Spice Girls’ Stamps

During the interview, the singer talked about Spice Girls stamps. This is a new concept that they have not done earlier. 

Mel B added “It was a very big thing for the Royal Mail. Normally, it is for royalty but now on the stamp, you will see the girls of the band. It may be a strange thing to you, but for us, it is very important and big.”

Mel B said she has not yet used the stamp to post an actual letter. She was responding to a question about whether she had used the stamp to post a real letter or not. She further said that she wants to conserve the stamp forever as a precious item or treasure.

Mel C Talks About the Plan to Include Victoria Beckham in the Comeback

Spice Girls had organised a reunion in 2019. They planned to go on a tour and travelled to 13 cities located in the UK. Mel C said in 2021 that a tour is going to happen. This time they plan to include Victoria Beckham in the tour as well. For now, there are just four of the girls.

Victoria is considered a posh member of the music group. Mel C, or Chisholm, is 49 years old. She said that they are very keen to see Victoria performing on the stage again. She further said that at some point in time, they may try to bring Victoria back on stage. She said this in the interview that she gave on People (the TV Show!) and Entertainment Tonight.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

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